Fitness & Wellness with a BIG SPLASH of Adventure!


After 22 years of serving the Richmond area, Martial Arts of West End is gearing up for another unbelievable Summer camp and we hope your child will join us! 

We want to give you plenty of information about our program so you can make an informed decision about your child's plans for the summer. Knowing they will not only be having a blast, but feel confident that while you are working, your child is in the hands of people that are well trained! 

Summer Camp Program Details 

Our Summer Fun Camp program is designed to meet each child's needs based on age appropriate and self-confidence building activities. Our camp is not just about martial arts! (although we do believe it can change lives :) 

We are a full service Summer Day Camp. We offer a fitness & wellness oriented alternative to traditional childcare with a big splash of adventure to their summer!

Why Martial Arts?

Martial Arts isn't just "punches and kicks". It's lessons on life. We use martial arts training to help your child GROW. That way they won't just have tons of fun, they'll become wiser & smarter too. 

Self-Defense keeps your child safe & boosts self confidence! An awesome side-effect of martial arts is the ability to handle stressful, sometimes dangerous situations. Your child will become as safe as possible by learning the tools needed to escape and find help in worst case scenarios. You’ll breathe easier knowing your child is empowered, can stand tall in tough situations, and knows the right thing to do in an emergency. Life lessons build character, confidence, and more. 

Last Year's Calender

Below is last year's calendar. However, each year is very similar in the multitude of activities we offer your child in a given summer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we see the facility before we sign up?

We would love to show you our first class facility in the West End of Richmond. Our facility reflects our commitment to your child with a dedicated A+ room, (which is ideally suited for crafts & messy science projects) and offers dedicated workspaces and storage for our students. 

How much is camp?

Camp is $189 per week. Early enrollment runs until March 15th and is only $170.10 per week. So sign up early! We Start enrolling in January. So check out our Face book Page as well for oter discounts. If you compare the cost of our camp to others, you will find that we are very competitively priced. Add in that we don't charge extra for any of our martial arts classes and all of our field trip costs are built in to the cost of camp. We have a one time Registration fee of $45 plus tax. 

What age groups do you service & is it mostly boys, since you do Martial Arts?

Our Summer Camp Program is offered for boys and girls (and yes, we have plenty of both :) - for rising Kindergarten through 7th grade. The students are then separated into 4 groups, depending on their age & maturity level. Each group will do similar activities each day but will be age appropriate for their develomental level.

What do you do in a normal camp day?

What DON'T we do? Everything from acrylic painting to rockclimbing to zombie tag to live parrots on thier shoulders and learning about thier jungle habitats. As well as venturing out all over the Greater Richmond Area for field trips every week in addition to training to earn their next or FIRST martial arts belt - we do it all in 11 weeks of summer!